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I owned vineyards cover an area of about 70 hectares They are grown in espalier, and the varieties are many as well as the ability to produce wines with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) certified Daunia. The rows of vines are not the beginning, but they are so the heart of the wine Production GRG.

What he offers the Vinicola GRG

The Vincola GRG offers customers a high quality product, 100% natural and certified. All our wines are THERMOCONDITIONED (or the temperature is controlled periodically) and CONTROLLED PH . And 'possible to ask for wines or musts in so-called "purity" , or wines derived from a single grape quality regardless of the color of the same, and wines so-called "cuts" that is derived from the blending of wines of different quality grapes selected by the customer.

Our Grapes

The quality of the grapes is the first step of a manufacturing process, fruit of knowledge often jealously guarded. We want to share with you pleased to know that a lot of essential on the vines and their fruit, so that you can fully appreciate the qualities of their generous juice and its extraordinary evolution. Black Grapes: SANGIOVESE, MONTEPULCIANO, LAMBRUSCO, BOMBINO, UVA DI TROIA, MERLOT.

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